September 22, 2011!

awhile back, i designed a women's t-shirt for -- i'm pretty excited to finally share it with you! here is my original illustration:

check out the shirt at, where it is available for purchase, and thank you to lee for supporting my vision!


September 20, 2011

sushi, sailboats, and tea time

i spent the past week making something that i hadn't in a very long time -- sushi tea cups! while i was tinkering about coloring edamame and sushi rolls, i was inspired by the e. e. cummings print hanging above my desk and made a sailboat tea set as well.

sushi teacups!
i chose to float my boats on these oversized ceramic teacups because, well, they're oversized. which means more tea. and soup. and ice cream! this set is now available in my etsy shop, so head on over here to see them in your kitchen.

also: thank you to Meg & Tuesday over at studio sweet studio for featuring my work on their blog this week!

it was wonderful to share my work with a blog i enjoy reading so much.  check it out here for some words on what moves me and a peek at my studio.


September 8, 2011

animals, botanicals, patterns

in my last post i mentioned venturing outside the realm of prints and creating hand-sewn journals. i've also made some note cards:

set of three animal prints
set of three botanical illustrations
set of three chevron-patterned thank-you cards

all three sets are available in my etsy and cargoh shops. in other news, i have an ongoing series of interviews over at Ruby Canvas - parts I, II, and III are currently up -- take a peek if you'd like. thank you also to Pingg and Art Sponge for their recent features on my work!

also, here is an interesting article (written by John Cary for Fast Company) i read this morning about the misconception surrounding pro bono design work. if you're any sort of artist, designer, or a generally-literate human, it's worth reading. many of us tend to make decisions based on a black + white scale of wrong versus right, and this piece is a good example of why changing that will only benefit us more. 

ALSO, i am determined to lay down the watercolors for a little while and pick up some oils. it's been a very long time since i painted in oils and acrylics, so i'm both apprehensive and excited about doing so. photos soon!


September 5, 2011

such a pretty place for pretty little thoughts

a bit of exciting news: select items of mine are now being sold at Design Box, an adorable home goods/interior design boutique in miami, florida. the store's owner, herbie parets, has a particular eye for deliciously vintage typewriters and oversized keys, and i'm pretty elated about having my items displayed among the other treasures. if you live in miami or the surrounding areas, definitely pay Design Box a visit and mention me!

here are two of my newest items that you can pick up at Design Box or in my Etsy shop.

each journal is hand-stitched and composed of recycled indian hand-made paper and thirty blank, acid-free pages. if you have any thoughts, send them my way.

p.s. so happy autumn is coming!

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