April 25, 2011


as the world now knows, Japan experienced one of the most devastating earthquake & tsunami combinations this past March, which left over 28,000 people injured, missing, or dead. at a time when so many lives have been disheveled and upset, it's imperative that hope lines hearts & that spirits remain steadily high. everyone needs a little magic, but right now, Japan needs the most.

since March, Illustration Rally has been hosting the Don't Give Up, Japan! rally, which encourages artists to create works that will send warmth & good wishes to everyone affected by the earthquake.

the illustration i created is on Illustration Rally here, and was also recently picked up by Urban Outfitters. It is sold as both a print and laptop sleeve at UrbanOutfitters.com. :]

i've also donated a few prints to an auction that Meg Hunt is organizing to raise money for victims of the earthquake. please follow details of the ongoing auction here- there are some beautiful pieces for sale by incredibly wonderful artists and every cent helps someone put their life back together.


April 1, 2011

forest ways

a few photographs from when the air was full of fall and the trees full of leaves:

also, my haloed sheep is now available as an ipod/iphone cover, or macbook sleeve on society6:

i'm going to boston next week and visiting one of my favorite places -- walden pond -- so more photographs when i return. it is supposed to snow here, so if you are one of the unlucky ones: stay warm. and if you're one of the lucky ones: well, you know. ..share the warmth.

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