November 21, 2010

UPDATE: custom ink and watercolor portraits

i've just added custom portrait drawings as well as paintings to my shop! these little gems are perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. visit my Etsy shop for more details or to place your order.

i will draw you a face and hope to lift your heart, available here.
i will paint you a portrait and try to make you smile, available here.
feel free to email or message me with any questions (meera.lee.patel[@] or leave a comment here!

November 20, 2010

twin girls and sparrows

i’ve been busy preparing for my show, but here are a few new prints available now on my Etsy:

crazy for you but not that crazy
you are worth hundreds of sparrows

i’m also accepting portrait commissions for the holidays- if you’d like an ink portrait of you or a loved one, let me know!
wild winds,

November 13, 2010

i need more space.

to date, this is my most autobiographical piece:

much to my surprise (and delight!), this illustration was chosen as a semi-finalist in the Etsy/NASA space challenge. if you like this illustration (and value your physical/emotional/metaphysical space) you can vote for me here until 11/19! i promise to ship you handfuls of magic in return.
sending you stars and spells,

November 7, 2010

tattooed: maps and birds

i finished a tattoo commission awhile ago, and my wonderful client, Connie, just sent me a few photographs of her new ink. while this was originally supposed to be a half-sleeve, she turned it into a full rib tattoo! it looks quite lovely on her bones.
original illustration


a few close-ups

in other news, i've been busy getting ready for an upcoming show (my very first) which will be held at The Downtown in Red Bank, NJ on december 15th. i'd love to see all you locals there. :]

November 6, 2010

my love's another kind

i finally got around to doing another band poster- this time i chose one of my personal favorites: the moody and harmonious Grizzly Bear, who can color me always. the poster reads “my love’s another kind,” a quote from the beautiful “lullabye”.

when I clung to you there was nothing to hold on tight with, you left me adrift/Colorado, what now? 
16”x20” prints are available for $25 in my shop. :]

November 3, 2010

for all best friends

a commissioned version of my very favorite comic strip for a dear friend. ..

h: well, summer is almost over. it sure went quick, didn’t it?
c: yup.
c: there’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.
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