June 29, 2011

i want to go back across that sea

a few music illustrations that are now up on TheWaster.com:

2011 Bonnaroo Festival / read the article here.

Luke Rathborne / Exploring the Dog Years.

June 19, 2011


for father's day, i made my dad a flowchart to help him determine what kind of dad he is:

you can view a larger version of the flowchart here on my flickr. happy father's day to all of the papas out there! :]


June 8, 2011

in our beds we're the lucky ones, filled with the sun

here are bridal shower invitations i recently finished illustrating & designing. Leslie, the bride, wanted her wedding dress and peacock feathers to be a part of the invitation, so i drew a silhouette wearing her beautiful dress, and adorned the train with peacock feathers.

the envelopes are handmade! it was my first time creating lined envelopes on my own, but i found it to be relatively easy. i deconstructed an envelope that was the size & shape i needed, and used it as a template to make my own. the process was enjoyable and i think i'll make many more in the near future.
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