July 30, 2011

how lucky to be so unusually free

meet timofey, a sometimes-too-pensive wolf influenced by both the Nabokovian character and the flesh spirit.

an A4 version of this print is now available in my etsy shop!  i've also been lucky enough to be accepted into the cargoh community, which is a curated marketplace.

you can visit my shop here and read a little feature on me here. if you're also on cargoh, shoot me a message and let me know. :]


July 28, 2011

slow like summer + honey

a few months ago, i designed the packaging for Raw Local Honey, an organic honey harvest venture led by PJ Martin in Springfield, NJ. PJ harvests his honey seasonally, and pours nothing but raw, uninterrupted, fragrant honey into each jar. since different plants & flowers thrive in different seasons, each season produces a batch wonderfully distinct in smell & flavor.

best of all--unlike most larger brands you find shelved in your market, the flowers that these bees collect their pollen from are pesticide and fertilizer free. which means you will be, too.


July 4, 2011

plums and weddings

i finally have some photographs of the invitations i designed for my good friends lauren & dave, who got married last september. the envelopes are handmade (officially addicted) from plum card stock and lined with a floral pattern. 

i'm really beginning to enjoy designing invitation suites and cards- if you'd like me to work on a design for you, shoot me an email: meera.lee.patel[@]gmail.com.

i also (finally) have my portfolio site up and running: www.meeralee.com. i'm updating here and there, but it's finally beginning to come together. hope your fourth of july is filled with pastry & fireworks.

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