September 20, 2011

sushi, sailboats, and tea time

i spent the past week making something that i hadn't in a very long time -- sushi tea cups! while i was tinkering about coloring edamame and sushi rolls, i was inspired by the e. e. cummings print hanging above my desk and made a sailboat tea set as well.

sushi teacups!
i chose to float my boats on these oversized ceramic teacups because, well, they're oversized. which means more tea. and soup. and ice cream! this set is now available in my etsy shop, so head on over here to see them in your kitchen.

also: thank you to Meg & Tuesday over at studio sweet studio for featuring my work on their blog this week!

it was wonderful to share my work with a blog i enjoy reading so much.  check it out here for some words on what moves me and a peek at my studio.



  1. Your work is really very beautiful! As soon as I saw the SSS post, I flagged it to come back to. I love those teacups. Just might have to pick them up :)


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