September 8, 2011

animals, botanicals, patterns

in my last post i mentioned venturing outside the realm of prints and creating hand-sewn journals. i've also made some note cards:

set of three animal prints
set of three botanical illustrations
set of three chevron-patterned thank-you cards

all three sets are available in my etsy and cargoh shops. in other news, i have an ongoing series of interviews over at Ruby Canvas - parts I, II, and III are currently up -- take a peek if you'd like. thank you also to Pingg and Art Sponge for their recent features on my work!

also, here is an interesting article (written by John Cary for Fast Company) i read this morning about the misconception surrounding pro bono design work. if you're any sort of artist, designer, or a generally-literate human, it's worth reading. many of us tend to make decisions based on a black + white scale of wrong versus right, and this piece is a good example of why changing that will only benefit us more. 

ALSO, i am determined to lay down the watercolors for a little while and pick up some oils. it's been a very long time since i painted in oils and acrylics, so i'm both apprehensive and excited about doing so. photos soon!


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