January 26, 2011

the wedding: bridal shower invitations!

as previously mentioned, my big sister is getting married this april and has left me in charge of all wedding-related paper goods. in a few weeks my mother and i will be hosting her bridal shower- i've yet to make decorations, pick out a cake, or decide on seating arrangements, but i HAVE made (and sent out!) the invitations. hopefully she isn't reading this and having a conniption.
pen & watercolor illustration

the drawings for this invitation were inspired by the flora at her wedding (dahlias, daisies, and bamboo), and my love of scientific illustrations. i could probably (definitely) draw scientific illustrations for the rest of my life and be quite happy.


  1. I absolutely love these! They are so origonal and i love how you've used the wayercolour as almost a careless splodge on the design- gorgeous! Ink and watercolour are my favourite media and you've just shown me again why! Im sure your sister will love them.

  2. Oops apologies for the typos- the downside to using a touchscreen and not checking before hitting post comment!

  3. These are really beautiful wedding bridal shower invitations. Couple of months ago, I had arranged a bridal shower party for my sister and arranged it at one of excellent event venues Chicago. It was really a great one and we had lovely time.


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