January 18, 2011

The Wilderness and All Things After

my show at The Downtown (with the young/talented/chiseled Brian Wrensen) opened on December 14, but i've just begun scanning all of my pieces to share with you. i know, i'll work on my turnaround time. ..promise. it was the most wonderful time with lots of family and friends- thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support!

me and kristen lee!

two of my pieces for this show were on wood-- it was my first time painting on wood, and it was an absolute dream. i was amazed at how smoothly the paint went on (like lipstick on mirror) and the way inks retained their vibrancy against the natural grain. these two pieces are named after the Bennet sisters in Pride & Prejudice. i've one left to do in this series--Jane--so if you'd like to reserve it, just shoot me a message.


Elizabeth / acrylic and ink on a 6"x8" wood piece


Kitty & Lydia / acrylic and ink on a 9"x11" wood slab

new jersey is covered with ice and weariness. 
i hope you are all well and somewhere else.


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