February 21, 2011

Pride & Prejudice: Jane!

here is the third painting in my Pride & Prejudice series: Jane! for anyone who missed them, the previous two are here.

i've been slacking on blogging a bit, but a few weeks ago i was featured on Illustration Rally, a seriously beautiful blog run by Natsuki Otani, a seriously talented illustrator. you can read the interview here!



  1. it looks so beautiful! love the detail , excellent!

  2. I love that you are using wood as your canvas. I had a look at your interview and am greatly inspired by the fact you are self taught as i mostly am too and that you manage to work full time and still work as a freelance illustrator as this is my aim as well.

  3. thank you, daria!

    pointy: i'm so glad i can serve as an inspiration & know that you are creating beautiful things. keep pushing forward. :]


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