March 29, 2011

like a halo around your head

dear dears,

i've been working on quite a few different projects lately, and i am very excited to finally share one of them with you. LA-based apparel company Kill Brand released their Spring 2011 collection today, and one of my designs, a big-horned haloed sheep, is now up for sale:

the tee is available for purchase through the Kill Brand website.
like a halo around your head
i've also put up prints, in a slightly different colorway, in my etsy shop. all prints sold in my shop come with magical surprises, so surprise yourself or someone who deserves it!

i've lots more to share with you soon, including projects involving monsters (with gabrielle rose of drawgabbydraw), honey, bees, cinnamon, and, of course, tattoos. i like drawing and condiments, what can i say? follow me on twitter (@meeralee) if you'd like to see what i'm doing at 5:15 AM.


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