January 14, 2011

i will be lucky for you.

i have a full-time job, which means any illustration work i do is done after i come home each day. as those of you who are in the same situation (or worse!) know, this can be extremely frustrating at times- i often feel as if i simply do not have enough time to get everything done, or to devote towards bettering my work.

this sounds silly for an illustrator to say, but as someone with a fixed amount of time, i’m so busy doing things that have a concrete end result (commissions, editorial work, taking photographs) that i rarely sit down and doodle anymore. this is both a sad and terrible realization.

yesterday was one of those stormy days. this time, though, i did something i don’t normally do: i drew to make myself feel better.

this is oliver. he made me happy. a limited edition of 20 prints are in my shop (only $6!) so you can have a little happiness and luck, too.

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