December 22, 2010


I LIKE BIRDS, an exhibition curated by one of my favorite humans, Jill Wickenheisser, opened last Friday in Newark, NJ. on display? seriously amazing work by ten (DC Smith, Marshall Okin, Joe Waks, Dennis Dalelio, Eric Beckerich, Kelly Heck, Jacqueline Cruz, Troy Barrett, VanOs) wonderful avian-inspired artists, including photography, paintings, and a sculpted bird that i wanted to name totoro (or martin) and fly away with.

here is one of the pieces i created for the show:

nobody knows you the way you know you

the words are by Passion Pit, a local band i'm quite proud of (and biased towards). if you are in the tri-state area, you can check out the show until February 1st at:

Art Kitchen
61 Halsey St.
Newark, NJ 01702.


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